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Het artikel dateert alweer van vorige maand maar het biedt een zeer interessant inkijkje in de werkwijze van een AD in de VS die op grote schaal Rolex modellen grijs doorverkocht, Belastingen ontdook en nu zelfs vervolgd wordt op grond van de RICO Act.

In a case filed on Feb. 11 in the federal district court for the Northern District of Illinois, a former employee of authorized Rolex and Patek dealer C.D. Peacock is accusing CDP of engaging in illegal and fraudulent activity, perpetuating a conspiracy to illegally sell Rolex and Patek watches to foreign grey market dealers.

The allegations
The former employee’s complaint alleges: (1) CDP terminated her employment for whistleblowing and refusing to engage in flagrant illegal activity in violation of Illinois’ Whistleblower Act, (2) firing her in retaliation, and (3) engaging in racketeering in violation of the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (i.e. RICO, the law often used to take down organized crime).

According to the complaint, "[t]he heart of the scheme was a conspiracy to illegally sell Rolex watches to foreign grey market resellers in order to enrich themselves." The complaint also alleges the scheme involved other brands, including Patek Philippe. The now-former employee says that she repeatedly notified management of the scheme, eventually raising it to CDP’s CEO and CDP’s owner/chairman. Perpetuating the scheme involved “racketeering, money laundering, mail, wire, immigration, and credit card fraud, and Illinois tax evasion,” as well as immigration law violations and other illegal activities. In December 2019, after reporting her full knowledge of the scheme to upper levels of management, the plaintiff was terminated.

The complaint offers a wild look at the inner workings of a Rolex AD, and provides some of the juiciest allegations that can be made against an AD. Let’s take a look.

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