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Stretch Doc


Good Evening all

First of all Iím not sure if it is allowed to post this, so Admins delete this post if it is not.

Iím offering the service of stretch repair for Rolex jubilee and oyster bracelets.
Iím based at the border triangle of Belgium,Netherland and Germany.

My service includes replacing all pins within the bracelet, all clasp pins and all screw pins. If it is desired the bracelet will also get polished and/or frosted. At the end of my work their wonít be a new bracelet but it will be a very good result. A nicer looking bracelet, a more wearable bracelet and last but not least a more solid bracelet.

I only need the bracelet itself and not the end links nor the clock. It will take up to 21 working days but if completed before it will be returned to you promptly.

If you would like to discuss this please email me to fischermans3@yahoo.de

Pictures and further informationís you can find here:
Website: https://fischermans3.wixsite.com/stretchdoc
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_stretch_doc/

Alexander Fisch
The Stretch Doc

[bericht gewijzigd door Stretch Doc op donderdag 03 februari 2022 20:56]

The Stretch Doc


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