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 Index / Rolex Gestolen / Diefstal 10 Rollies in Parijs
Qua Patet Orbis


Super balen voor Time in Motion in Parijs!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Dat ze dat tuig maar snel mogen vinden!! (met de 10 Rolexen uiteraard)

1170×1782 495 KB
216570 Exp 2 42 mm black dial serial number 867991J6
• 116334 Datejust 41mm silver dial fluted bezel with Arab numerals on Oyster serial number
• 116520 Daytona black dial serial number G049937
• 126710BLNR Gmt Master II on Jubilee “Batgirl” serial number 259TV094
• 116610LV SUB Date 40mm green ceramic bezel , green dial “HULK” serial number MK372065
• 116610LV SUB Date 40mm green ceramic bezel , green dial “HULK” serial number 620VV874
• 16622 Yacht Master 40mm bezel and dial in platine serial number P573235
• 16600T Sea Dweller 40mm aluminum insert serial number D666991
• 116234 Datejust 36 mm black dial fluted bezel on jubilee date disc red/black serial number 3Q6H3871
• 116200 Datejust 36 mm black dial smooth bezel oyster bracelet date disc red /black serial number D599065

2 hulks but need only one pic
:warning: All of these watches do not have their original papers or cards for Time in Motion have them.
If ever one or several are proposed to you, please call your local Rolex AD and local police.

Life is short, don't lose time!
Attachment: StolenRollies.jpeg


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