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Friday, July 5th 2013, a rip deal happened in Amsterdam. Several high end watches (3 Patek Philippe and a Rolex Daytona handwound 6263 with steel bezel) were presented to a potential buyer who 4 weeks Prior bought a watch from the same dealer. This time the deal went bad.

Among the stolen timepieces is a Patek Philippe Nautilus Reference 5726 with annual calendar and White dial. This is a watch which is still extremely rare. It was presented first at Baselworld 2012, and only very few pieces are available worldwide at this Moment. I am presenting this watch in this blog because I believe that it will be extremely difficult for the owner to sell the watch or have it overhauled.

The watch was brandnew, unworn, not sealed though. Serial and case numbers can be found below:

Serial number: 5686847 / 4587076
Reference number: 5726 / 1A - 010
Dial number: H900.936.THNT1

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